Poem by Tara Andrews

Tara Andrews


I stand in the laundry room
waiting for the clothes
to stop
listening to the washer
clank & scream
as it spins and spins.
I look at the black hose
where the soapy water
belches out behind the
machine & then look up
on the high shelf
& see a box of
20 Mule Team Borax
but the box is upside
down & the 20 mules
are pulling the wagons
Every laundry day is like that—
a study in time.
5 quarters for a
30-minute wash
4 quarters for a
45-minute dry,
scrounging for these pieces
of silver
so I have enough to buy time—
the year divided into quarters,
into seasons
& the 20 mules are
moving backwards
reminding me of
all the laundry days I’ve lived,
all the spin cycles I’ve
gone through
all the quarters I’ve spent.



One thought on “Poem by Tara Andrews

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